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Community Connections

It's important for Mums4Mums to make thoughtful synergistic connections within our community. It takes a village to support mums and babies and we cannot do all the work on our own. We are delighted to list those valuable community connections here and bring awareness on how they support Mums4Mums Charitable Trust or how we work together to support our cherished mums, dads, babies and families. 


We are grateful for the support of the team from Pregnancy' Choice. Mums4Mums will be able to access needed items for mum and babies in our program.

We cannot and will not leave Dad behind. We are delighted to work with Kidz Need Dadz who provide valuable support, mentorship and training to upskill and walk alongside Dad. He then can better prepared to support mum and care for baby. Stronger families makes for stronger communities.

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We honor the valuable and crucial work that the team at BICT do in supporting families with children with brain injuries. Mums4Mums complements that support and provides practical, emotional and social respite for mum. She needs a break to recharge her batteries. We are a great tag team.

We provide practical, social and emotional support within our ethnic community. Nothing more challenging then becoming a mum or a family for the first time when you are so far away from your family and support systems. Mums4Mums provides support to mums and babies regardless of their immigration status.  Strengthening their connection to our kiwi culture and community.


We also acknowledge BOPIS for providing translation services when needed so our mums can effectively communicate with their medical specialists, volunteers and community.

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