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Mums supporting new mums in the community. Aroha in action.



We get our referrals from agencies primarily the local hospital prior to mum and baby are being discharged.


We also accept self referrals or from family and friends.

Mums4Mums also support new Dad's who find themselves parenting on their own. 

Home Visit

We will set up a meet and greet visit and find out more about your situation and provide you with some options on how we can assist you between 6-12 weeks initially. We review by

the 12th week and if needed we can look at extending your support. 

We have expanded our support to mums with babies

up to 18-months old. 

Mother and Baby


Our Regional Coordinator will set up your families profile and look to match you with volunteers close to your community.

If we have identified other needs we will make inquiries with other resources for you to initiate support from them or we can provide you with the information for you to reach out and connect with them. We do what we can to make sure you are well supported. . 

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