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Newborn Baby

Charitable Trust

About Us

Our Purpose:

The purpose of the Trust will be to bring together committed members of the community whose aim is to collaboratively improve maternal mental health outcomes for new mums and quality of life outcomes for babies.  The Trust will also provide referral to supporting programs and agencies as needed.

How do we do this?

There are lots of steps in the background but put simply we coordinate loving, experienced women in our community who are police vetted into the homes of new mums and newborns. We provide the important support and nurturing needed to assist mum and babies to improve their outcomes. 


Mums4Mums vision is that every baby born (single, twin or triplet) or with unique health needs and their mum in New Zealand are nurtured and supported within their first 6-12 weeks for the best chance of survival and quality of life. Support can be provided longer if needed and based on the unique needs of the mum and whanau. 


Mums4Mums Volunteers believe it is the right for every baby born and their mums to receive the best care possible. We achieve this by supporting mums in their home to care for their babies, support the mums and connect them with other supporting entities to ensure the best outcomes possible for whanau.


Our Principles / MātāPono







Connecting / Whanaungatanga

Connection is so incredibly important. It's what grounds us and stabilizes us and provides us with mana and courage to face what is ahead of us. It's through lack of connections that we struggle. Mums4Mums volunteers provide that connection / whanaungatanga in your home and makes that adjustment to motherhood a more successful beginning. A good foundation on which for you and your whanau can build. 

Collaborating / Kotahitanga 

We are not going to re-invent the wheel if we don't have to. If there is an existing supporting agency in the community we will connect with them and see if they can assist with meals, clothing, baby items, transportation, etc. We understand that it takes a village to raise a child. Not all of your needs will be met through Mums4Mums so we will do our best to find out who else can provide support  too.. 

Supporting  and Caring / Manaakitanga

We do this the best. We stand beside you and support you and care for you and baby.  Our services are provided in the comforts of your home and it is done regardless of your residency status. Mums and babies are supported and given the best opportunity for a positive outcome. When mum and baby are doing well. then we as a community are doing well.  



“We are incredibly grateful for the support from Mums4Mums. The volunteers are amazing. Very loving and supportive. Having their support made a huge difference in our family with the birth of our daughter. "

Daniela R.

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