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Whānau Testimonials

“I am so very grateful for the help provided by Mums4mums. We don’t have any family nearby and our volunteer was so lovely and helpful. Her visits allowed me to have some much needed rest and me time. “

"Everyone we’ve dealt with from Mums4mums have been amazing! We’ve loved getting to know Pam and Jenny and have really appreciated their support and company"

"Everything was perfect! I still can't believe such a beautiful service even exists! Mums4mums rescued and saved us in such a hard time, and I'll remember this for the rest of my life"

"Amazing service, the support I received was second to none and feel grateful to have found you!"

"An invaluable part of restoring my positive mental well-being as I transitioned into motherhood."

"Mums4mum was my lifesaver. They came into my motherhood journey on right time and stood with my fam."

"Everything was perfect! I still can't believe such a beautiful service even exists! Mums4Mums rescued and saved us in such a hard time, and I'll remember this for the rest of my life"

"Everything has been great. Your communication system works really well and it's very transparent. Melody is amazing and any family will be lucky to have her. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing!"

"I can say that this program is very helpful for those struggling mums not just physically but emotionally ang mentally as well. The volunteer (Anne) assigned to me was very professional and warm and friendly." Anom

"I was so happy after the 1st week of visits. Amazing company and support, that really helped."

"The volunteers were just wonderful. They made a huge difference to our family."

"Enjoyed the company and someone to talk to, to give some time for me"

"The communication was great. Lots of checking in to see how we were. The app is a great set up too."

"Mums 4 mums are a great option for mother's that need a moment to breathe. The volunteers are lovely"

"Was very good to know there was that bit of support and having some company as well."

"Even though I never really felt like I got much done when a volunteer was here, it was still really nice to be able to have someone to talk to and help process some of the things my family, and I had been going through at the time.
Mums4Mums is great, I highly recommend the service."

"It was nice to meet Bobby-Lea and understand who it was that was organising the volunteers through the phone app. The communication was great.
Everyone was so understanding of the demands of family life and jumped in to help straight away."

"We really enjoyed having Lee here. The kids felt very comfortable with her, and I was about to run some errands while she encouraged me to get out of the house. Really grateful for the support. Made all the difference in my first time as a mom. Having those 2 hours a week to myself was extremely important in order to care for my babies. Thanks"

"So appreciate the support I got! I would count down the hours until my support arrived. Thanks for helping me get through the day!"

"Rachael was a great RC, she was lovely to deal with and very helpful. Mums4Mums was great for me and my daughter. Very helpful and kind support."

"I just absolutely appreciate this service as a whole, you’re helping so many parents. Mums4Mum has saved me. The warm welcome into the service and the amazing volunteer I had."

"Mums4Mums help new mums like me to have a little break and it is so special that the kind volunteers also loves my baby. Mums4Mums is an amazing organisation that helps new mums to have extra support and new friends."

"The support right through by Rachael was incredible. The act of support and kindness has transformed my life during the incredible motherhood journey."

"The extended offer for support was great and meant I had no pressure to be on my own after bubs was 12 weeks of age. Amanda was a great volunteer and I was happy how she was comfortable with baby and my clingy dog. Thank you for all your work!"

Wonderful family-like support from other mums that supported me when I needed help most!

Thank you or you goddess for supporting me and my babies and Miss R and Miss A And letting me share this journey together, I don’t feel alone or like I’m doing it on my own with all your support love kindness which gives me hope that I can do this, and the strength to know I’ve got this and I can overcome any pain and bad thoughts that come my way


Please tell Bobby-Lea, everyone that is there for you I send a massive thank you and mad loves for EVERYTHING they did for me and Rehu and everything they do for you. Blessed by amazing people 
GD "Dad"