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True Colours – Honouring the Mother

About us

True Colours - Honouring the Mother has been supporting māmā, pēpi and whānau by embracing, educating, and empowering māmā since 2018. Two monthly support groups are offered in person and online to provide crucial aid to māmā facing perinatal challenges such as perinatal depression and anxiety, PTSD, and OCD. 

We are the ONLY perinatal mental health support group in the Bay of Plenty working preventatively to capture māmā before they reach clinically diagnosed levels of distress. We work in collaboration with other social, medical, and mental health services.

The power of uniting mothers

The effectiveness of our service relies on creating a compassionate space where mothers can genuinely express themselves, aiding successful parenting amidst societal pressures and modern life demands. The power of a group in supporting māmā through the transition to parenthood, which brings changes in lifestyle, roles, responsibilities, and relationships has been evidenced and is referred to as ‘Matrescence’. Research shows that support group benefits include: reduced isolation, mitigating stress impacts, enhancing health information sharing, and offering positive self-management role models *

Michelle’s story

When Founder Michelle Hall experienced postnatal depression, she was committed to supporting other māmā by eliminating the stigma and removing the barriers to help. This led to the creation of True Colours - Honouring the Mother. Her intention was to focus on connection, relationships, and safety to enable māmā to share their vulnerability. This approach has been validated within the service since 2018 and further evidenced by academic research which emphasises the importance of support and connection in treating perinatal distress.*

We pride ourselves on creating a comfortable and secure space where māmā can openly discuss their challenges and experiences free from judgment. The essence of this service lies in building relationships, with māmā learning from each other and connecting so they realise they are not alone, cultivating a cohesive, compassionate community that supports each other's well-being. Our goal is to provide an inclusive, equitable, and relatable service to cater to the diverse needs of all parents in the Bay of Plenty.

Our mission is to embrace, educate and empower parents, honouring the vital role they play in bringing through the next generation while eliminating the stigma and shame around maternal mental health. Our vision is for māmā to feel seen, heard and valued, while being recognised as the cornerstone of the family. With this knowledge and support, they can move through their parenting journey with strength, grace, aroha, and joy.

Currently, our service is generously funded by The Wright Family Foundation and BayTrust, ensuring that it remains free for māmā. We are grateful for additional support from Mums4mums, who assist with childcare during our sessions. Moreover, our monthly in-person gatherings at Lifezone Church, Judea are made possible through their sponsorship of room hire costs in addition to Good Bitches Baking, who provide kai. We couldn't provide this service without the help of these incredible organisations.


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Group Meetings
Lifezone Church, 7 Oak, Lane
Judea, Tauranga

Online via Zoom